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HERMESS provides expertise and environmental data to support operations at sea, development of renewable energy both onshore and offshore, and optimization in the agrofood chain.
Service provision is based on the combined usage of numerical weather forecasting, in-house developed dedicated models, and assimilation of in-situ measurements and remote sensing data.

Operations at sea are supported by:

  • Integrated AIS & ocean forecasting Services for Port Operations.
  • Numerical modelling of tides, currents and sea surface waves.
  • Metocean weather and workability forecasting.

Renewable energy development is supported by:

  • Wind power and wind speed forecasting onshore and offshore.
  • Solar energy and radiation forecasting.
  • Hindcast studies to create site specific databases on potential wind and solar energy.

The agrofood chain optimization is supported by:

  • Weather forecasting of among other dry and wet bulb temperature, humidity, precipitation.
  • Data and dedicated models can be used for:
    • Precision farming and optimized usage of fertilizers
    • Optimized pest control and usage of crop protection means.
    • Growth modelling and yield forecasting.
    • Optimized crop transport and storage.

To drive the models we use in-situ measurements and remote sensing data. All are quality checked, cross-validated and calibrated.

Our permanent staff comprises of experts with many years of experience in MetOcean, environmental data and remote sensing studies. In addition, we can extend our project teams with experienced consultants and researchers working with us on a regular basis.

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