Weather and oceanographic research & services


After being involved in various R&D projects using the newest satellite data and data assimilation techniques in atmospheric and ocean models and data services, it is time for the next step. All the know-how and experience gained over the years are now brought together in a range of consultancy and operational services for the energy, shipping and agro sector.


The share of renewable energy keeps growing with increasing pressure on grid operators. 
Therefore, the need for accurate forecasts of how much power will be fed into the grid at any given moment is becoming increasingly important. Good weather forecasts provide the basis of reliable power forecasts                 


Access to accurate metocean data is key to getting a better grip on the effects of weather on operations. Analyzing operations and evaluating weather critical processes allows companies to further optimize their future operations further, enhancing operational productivity, efficiency and safety. 


Managing the impact of weather on your marine transport is a crucial aspect of your operations & safety at sea.
This is important for shipping companies for analyzing ship performance and determining the ETA and for port service companies for optimizing available port recources like pilot services, time slots, cranes, trains, trucks, cargo & storage


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