Our team of experts has a  profound knowledge of the regional ocean processes and has well-established methodologies for metocean data analysis for offshore operations and engineering.  
Our capability is based on a broad range of project experience and a thorough understanding of the metocean data requirements and analysis techniques required for coastal and offshore developments. 

Metocean Data Analysis

Using data mining techniques on our long-term hindcast, statistics can be examined monthly, seasonal, or yearly scale within the entire model domain. Additionally, anomalies can also be quantified.   
Extracted site-specific data can be used for time-series analysis techniques such as joint probability or extreme value analysis. 
These data can also be used for time-domain analysis for analytical techniques such as persistence and Sequenced Downtime Analysis (SDA). 
We have the expertise to provide the proper data analysis for your project.  

Some of the standard analysis outputs we produce for waves, winds, and currents are: 

Metocean design criteria - return period values and extremes

Persistence exceedance and non-exceedance matrices

Joint probability distributions 

Tidal analysis and predictions

Time domain and zero-down-crossing analyses

Spectral and frequency domain analyses

Services for offshore engineering:

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