HERMESS is a privately owned company developing and providing innovative solutions to the offshore, coastal and harbour sector. Close links with research institutes, universities and being backed up by the maritimwind energy industry ensures that the latest techniques and services are available for our clients.

Green Energy: Renewable energy will significantly grow in the next decades. Hermess provides services to optimize development and operation of wind power farms and solar energy parks…[more]

Tidal surface currents: Currents in coastal areas are generally dominated by the tides.…[more]

Hermess is developing a method to improve the accuracy in the localisation of eddies. The localisation is done using AIS data.…[more]

A good knowledge of the tides is important in hydrography, especially in coastal areas.…[more]


Ekovation: A robust answer to the maritime challenge.…[more]

The vessel’s ETA is continuously updated throughout the voyage as new weather or position data is received.…[more]

We are currently investigating how to improve wind hindcast and forecast by assimilating Earth Observation (EO) data in its weather forecast model.…[more]

Weather research and forecasting innovation.…[more]