HERMESS provides daily weather forecasts covering most of Western Europe. For this purpose HERMESS runs the WRF® model, using the global forecast by the US National Weather Service (GFS) for boundary conditions. HERMESS’ forecasts are available on an improved spatial and temporal resolution, e.g. at 9 km for most of the area and at 3 km on request for user specific areas.

HERMESS’ WRF® enabled service is highly flexible and can be configured to support a wide range of users. It can be used amongst others to assist meteorologist, for hind cast studies, air quality studies, regional climate modelling, short term now casting, workability analysis and power output forecasts for wind farms.

Apart from dedicated products for commercial users HERMESS also provides a basic weather forecast for all Dutch citizens interested in local weather. The basic service is delivered by email once per day. By using this local forecast one will soon experience that local weather may differ significantly from the regional weather forecast by the national met office.

An example weather forecast for Emmeloord July 27, 2015 is shown below.

Wind and temperature

If you would you like to receive your own daily weather forecast, please send your contact details, including email address and location. You can stop receiving messages at any time sending a request to
* HERMESS reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time.