Weather & Marine forecasting services

We provide forecasting services for any location, area, and route worldwide. 
We specialize in setting up custom domains offering high-resolution forecasts of the ocean and coastal conditions to provide detailed information for offshore facilities and along routes. 
All forecast products are distributed through e-mail and a web interface in a user-friendly graphical format and as text files. 

Forecast Services:

Standard forecast service includes:

Site-specific forecasts of wind, waves, and currents, including 2D wave spectra 

Rain, temperature, visibility, and thunderstorm forecasts

Tidal predictions 

User-specific weather hazard forecasts and alerts 

Tropical cyclone tracks

Lightning observations and proximity alerts 

Animated forecast map overlays showing precipitation and pressure (MSLP), winds, wave height, wave period, visibility,  surface currents, and temperatures Satellite cloud map overlays (color enhanced, IR cloud & visible) 

Additional services:
(project based)

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