Multipurpose maritime entrepreneurship opens up opportunities to broaden and strengthen the economic base of maritime enterprises. We are proud to be a partner of a group of 20 companies working on a completely designing an innovative new concept: Eko-Vation.
It is a sustainable development for the Dutch fisheries industries focusing on the multi purpose use of a modular platform for various maritime tasks like wind farm support, offshore support, diving support, inspection, maritime and marine research, etc. A higher speed makes for greater flexibility and allows for a strong increase of the ship’s versatility. This calls for a new concept that can be easily adapted to the changing wishes and requirements of prospects and customers. Therefore Eko-Vation is a solid answer to a strong maritime challenge. In 2015 we will launch a modular multipurpose sea going platform which can be quickly transformed into a variety of activities at sea.


More information: www.ekovation.nl