Hermess recently entered in the EO PLUG-IN project, which aims to provide digital services for the agrofood sector. EO PLUG-IN is the first ESA InCubed project and is being led by GeoVille. The consortium consists of GeoVille, Hermess, EODC and HLB.

EO PLUG-IN will provide data and services to companies in the AgroFood chain. Initial focus is on the potato sector represented by the AgroFood cluster https://agrofoodcluster.com. Stakeholders will be able to easily connect their applications to the EO PLUG-IN infrastructure through an API mechanism. EO PLUG-IN connects dedicated models driven by in-situ measurements and up-to-date remote sensing imagery. Hermess is pleased to be able to provide vital weather information for the new service.

EO PLUG-IN data and services will be used among other for:

  • Precision farming and optimized usage of fertilizer.
  • Pest control and minimize usage of crop protection means.
  • Growth modelling and yield forecasting.
  • Optimized crop transport and storage.

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