To meet the needs and expectations of a growing population the transition to more sustainable development has to be made in particle towards renewable energy, cost and fuel efficient transport, and food production without land degradation. Therefore demand for services supporting weather dependent activities is growing.

Hermess has developed dedicated models driven by local measurements and satellite data, enabling an almost world wide application. Hermess is able to offer a unique range of services at a competitive price.

Green Energy

Renewable energy will significantly grow in the next decades. Hermess provides services to optimize development and operation of wind power farms.…[more]

Maritime Services

We can provide time series of tidal level and current variations all over the world.…[more]

HERMESS is developing methods to improve ocean current nowcasts and forecasts in local target areas by fusing observations in regional circulation models.…[more]

Environmental Monitoring

Knowledge of the sea bottom topography is essential for activities such as shipping, fishing, dredging, offshore construction and pipeline laying, amongst other things.…[more]

Water quality parameters from a variety of remote sensing data.…[more]