Renewable energy, such as wind power , will significantly grow in the next decades. For the producers of renewable energy, grid operators and direct marketers, highly reliable forecast of the expected energy generation are indispensable.

We support you by providing data and core services that enable an optimized site selection, assist you in efficient exploitation of renewable energy sources and provision of a sustainable energy forecast. For site selection, operation and planning we offer the following services.

Wind power energy

  • wind resource mapping based on analysis of wind measurements.
  • wind and wave databases based on hindcast runs over a user specified period.
  • weather and metocean forecasting.
  • wind power forecasting. Wind power is derived from wind data using (manufacturer approved) wind power curves and thrust coefficients.

Numerical weather hind- and forecasting uses a state-of-the-art model, enabling us to deliver weather data meeting user requirements. The NWP model can be configured to take into account terrain conditions specific for the user wind farm.

Services can be provided for both offshore and onshore wind power farms. Forecasts are typically provided with a 15 minutes interval and a forecast horizon between 2 and 10 days.

Quality of both wind power and solar energy forecasts can be improved by means of user provided production data.