In coastal areas and shallow seas tidal sea level and current variations are generally dominant. Accurate predictions of tidal levels and currents are important for instance for level corrections in bathymetric surveys or for assessment of workability conditions during operations. Statistical properties of local tides are relevant for e.g. platform design or to find the best sites for tidal energy generation.

HERMESS can provide time series of tidal level and current variations all over the world (footnote: a model for the Arctic is under development) from our global databases with tidal constants. A dedicated tidal model, based on the depth-averaged shallow water equations, calculated these constants. To improve the accuracy of the results, measurements from more than 5000 tidal stations worldwide and analysed satellite altimeter measurements over a period of more than 20 years were assimilated in the model computations. The databases contain the 14 most important tidal constants (semi-diurnal, diurnal, long-period and higher harmonics). In coastal areas the model resolution is 30 seconds (less than 1 kilometre).

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